Swift Treatment

Immune Modulation vs. Tissue Destruction

The Swift treatment is different. Rather than destroying a wart by burning it off, freezing it, or pouring corrosive acid over it, Swift delivers a short, sharp dose of energy into the tissue to a pre-determined depth, only millimetres below the surface. Leacing the skin intact, Swift works by activating dendritic cells - they signal to the body that the virus is present, and t-cells clear the infection

Warts and plantar warts can be persistent because the body doesn't know they are there. Swift wakes up the immune system, allowing the body to fight back - often clearing warts in distal sites that haven't even been treated

No invasive surgery

No surgery means no down time for you. It means less pain after the procedure, and it means no bandages, no need to keep your foot dry, and no interruptions to daily life. In fact, 95% of patients have been able to continue daily activities (even vigorous exercise or training, an active job, or just a walk in the park) within 30 minutes of treatment.

Shorter treatments mean shorter appointments

Avoid disruption to your day and take advantage of a quick treatment. All Swift certified clinics offer fast and efficient services, letting you get back to what's important.

Suitable for use with children

The Swift treatment is safe for use in children, and the research tells us that children will resolve quicker, and in fewer appointments, than adults.

Success rates

Some independent clinics see success rates in excess of 95%. An independent, university-led clinical trial in the UK saw results of 76% resolution across all cases. In this trial all plantar wart cases were long standing, some in excess of 10 years and other treatments had been used and failed before. Swift allows clinicians to finally treat with confidence, and patients can benfit from a very high chance of success.

Recommend By Patients

When surveyed, 95% of patients said they would recommend this treatment to a friend. Even patients who haven't had complete resolution of their wart recommended the Swift treatment due to the benefits such as reductino in pain or a reduction in size and depth of warts.

Reduction in Pain

Patients undergoing Swift treatment see a significant reduction in pain associated with the plantar wart after each treatment - freedom for what many patients have suffered with for months, years, and even decades.

Patient Information